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Making Bad, Worse

by Kim Taylor Remember the outrage in July when Netflix changed their pricing structure and service offerings raised their rates?  The social medi... Read More »

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We Have the Right to Make You Be Silent

by Dan Ward What do you do when the flash mob turns into a crash mob? As Floyd Abrams writes in The Wall Street Journal, in an increasing number... Read More »

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Cat Alert

by Heather Keroes Have you viewed American Airlines’ Wall on Facebook lately?  Between weather alerts and Hurricane Irene updates you’ll find ... Read More »

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Will You Be My Plus One?

by Heather Keroes I created a profile on Google+ about a month ago, after asking a friend for an invite out of sheer curiosity.  Is Google+ the next... Read More »

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Late Adopters to Social Media

by Kim Taylor The argument can certainly be made that social media is not right for every company.  Although, when you really poke and prod there ... Read More »

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