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What’s in a Name?

by Kim Taylor Lately I’ve been doing some research to come up with a name for a personal project I’m working on.  I’ve spent a ton of time t... Read More »

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It’s Worth a Little Discomfort

by Kim Taylor Have you been reading the dialog online since Starbucks launched its #RaceTogether campaign?  I have, and it hasn’t been pretty. ... Read More »

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How is Steve Jobs Still Newsworthy?

by Vianka McConville Steve Jobs, former Apple CEO, may have died in October 2011, but that means nothing to the media. Almost five years later... Read More »

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Start with the “Why”

by Ashley Tinstman Today, you have to write a news release.  Tomorrow, you need to finish two blog posts.  Next week, you’re planning a major ... Read More »

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Back to Basics

by Roger Pynn After 30 years, I think I’ve seen just about everything in our business change. But as I’ve written here before, the more thin... Read More »

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