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Cast in Digital Stone

by Roger Pynn Good advice to clients has always been “never say anything publicly you don’t want to read in tomorrow’s paper.” Author Ma... Read More »

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PR Enters the Presidential Race

by Dan Ward A story now appearing in more than 2,200 outlets (according to Google) details how Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s image has been “burnis... Read More »

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Word of the Week: Simple

by Roger Pynn Saw an interesting video at the MyStrategicPlan blog in which Erica Olsen, VP of marketing for M3Planning shared a simple implementat... Read More »

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Unexpected PR Tools

by Dan Ward OK … we all know that public relations is more than just party planning and events. But for two of us on Friday, PR involved eludi... Read More »

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Blame Game

by Roger Pynn There will no doubt be questions for a long time about the devastating dip in United Airlines' stock prices this week, and just as su... Read More »

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