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If Your Audience Isn’t Listening, It’s Not Their Fault

by Dan Ward I got a kick out of this Miami Herald blog post about Florida’s new lieutenant governor, who chided business leaders today for not pa... Read More »

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On Modesty

by Roger Pynn How often do you find yourself in a “conversation” with someone who's doing all the talking?  There’s a big difference between... Read More »

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Stage Fright

by Roger Pynn I have to give a talk next week to a national trade organization.  There’ll be 300 or more people in the audience.  I’m looking f... Read More »

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CSR … What’s That?

by Carli Saldsman Now, more than ever, corporate social responsibility (CSR) has become a hot topic for scholars and professionals alike.  As a mass... Read More »

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It’s Award Season

by Vianka McConville Awards season did not wrap up with the Grammys this past weekend.  The Florida Public Relations Association (FPRA) Orlando Ar... Read More »

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