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Suit Up

by Vianka McConville You had to have been living under a rock to not have witnessed the media frenzy over Facebook the past few weeks.  Facebook... Read More »

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Lessons Left Behind

by Roger Pynn I’ve been through a series of losses recently, and when dear friends and family members pass away I guess it is unavoidable that we... Read More »

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Another New Low

by Roger Pynn I’m one of those who can’t wait for the Anthony Circus to pack up and leave town, but can’t let the train pull out without noti... Read More »

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Sorry, AFLAC, the Duck Stops Here

by Kim Taylor By now, you’ve heard that comedian Gilbert Gottfried was fired as the voice of the AFLAC duck for his insensitive tweets following ... Read More »

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Sure, You Can Sell to People You Don’t Like, but Why?

by Dan Ward My partner, Kim Taylor, recently asked “Do We Fit?” – looking at the client/agency relationship and why some proposals work while... Read More »

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