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Who Represents Your Brand?

by Kim Stangle When we make hiring decisions, we look for talented individuals who possess the skills necessary to serve our clients.  But beyond ... Read More »

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It’s Never Too Late to Say “Thank You”

by Heather Keroes If I went back and looked through several months of credit card statements, to say I frequent Chipotle would be an understatement... Read More »

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Four-Word Story

by Roger Pynn I’m a storyteller … but I could never have imagined telling a truly powerful story with just four words … until yesterday when ... Read More »

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Going the Extra Smile

by Dan Ward From the customer service files: This weekend, my eldest daughter celebrated a birthday.  I was running some errands with her and d... Read More »

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Build a Bridge or Burn One … Which Should You Choose?

by Dan Ward “Dan, I did not take precious time out of my day to send you a personalized email only for you to never even read it.  It’s unprof... Read More »

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