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No Cost to Quality

by Roger Pynn My business partner Kim Taylor’s blog post about Ken Blanchard’s 15-year-old Book “Raving Fans” took me back many years earli... Read More »

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Service is Free

by Kim Taylor Times are tough, the economy is frail and credit is tight.  How do you keep the focus on your customers when resources to do so are ... Read More »

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What is More Important, Being Right or First?

by Dean Hybl In the media world, the answer to the question “Is it more important to be right or be first?” is usually a resounding “Both.”... Read More »

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Effective Tweeting

by Kim Taylor By now, most of you have probably heard of the increasingly popular micro-blogging site, Twitter. A year ago, you couldn’t have ... Read More »

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Fear Factor Benefit?

by Roger Pynn Could the economic crisis be bringing a wave of thoughtful news on a complex situation … writing that aims to educate rather than i... Read More »

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