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What Are You Doing?

by Kim Taylor As Curley & Pynn’s resident social media ringleader, I’m on an endless quest to find out what works, what doesn’t and why i... Read More »

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Social Media Gets Social at Orlando’s First Official ‘Tweet Up’

by Kim Taylor Last night, Orlando Sentinel Tech Writer Etan Horowitz hosted Orlando’s first Tweet Up – a gathering of local folks who ‘Tweet... Read More »

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Giving New Meaning to the Word “Networking”

by Roger Pynn When was the last time you got around a buffet table and people weren’t bemoaning the economy? Instead of doom and gloom, the ch... Read More »

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What Happens on Twitter …

by Kim Taylor I think you know where I’m going with this.  New mediums, new rules, right?  Wrong. If you’re a Twitter fan, you’ve probab... Read More »

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Adapting in a New Environment: Does Starbucks Get It Right? Will You?

by Kim Taylor We’re living in a strange, new world where adapting to the constant flux of a spiraling economy is demanding we stay nimble.  This... Read More »

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