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Never Too Late

by Roger Pynn Last week another wave of good newspaper people left the business  … some in what most would call “early retirement” and other... Read More »

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Statistics Take Over Election Night

by Vianka McConville Depending on who you talked to, both parties had a fighting chance on election night.  While many missed the mark, Nate Silve... Read More »

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Here We Go Again

by Roger Pynn At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I’m here today to remind folks in the news media about the importance of attribution.... Read More »

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Whatever Happened to the 5Ws?

by Roger Pynn OK … so I’m a news junkie.  Or, as I’ve said from time-to-time, “my name is Roger and I’m a recovering journalist.” A... Read More »

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Ombudsman, Where Art Thou?

by Dan Ward Many newspapers, including the Orlando Sentinel, used to have ombudsmen who served as the readers’ voice in the newsroom.  If you ha... Read More »

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