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Important Stuff(ing)

by Dan Ward When families gather over a Thanksgiving meal, expressions of thankfulness are often followed by gluttony-fueled arguments over seeming... Read More »

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Trendspotting for the Next Big Thing

by Kerry Martin I like to think I have a pulse on what’s popular in today’s culture.  Being able to spot trends in the market is a skill most ... Read More »

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Statistics Take Over Election Night

by Vianka McConville Depending on who you talked to, both parties had a fighting chance on election night.  While many missed the mark, Nate Silve... Read More »

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Gone Are the Days

by Roger Pynn Consumer trends are a strange force.  We’ve seen liquor consumption plummet as drinkers took to wine.  We’ve gone from watching... Read More »

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One Small Step for a Man, One Giant Leap for Red Bull?

by Heather Keroes It seemed that nearly all of my friends on Facebook and Twitter this past weekend were newly initiated free fall fans.  For the ... Read More »

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