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The Sherman Effect

by Roger Pynn I worked as a volunteer alongside a college athletic director who used to say “athletics is different.”  Steve Sloan, then AD a... Read More »

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Prophets, Experts & Braggarts

by Roger Pynn While reading an item on a message board for public relations and communications professionals today, I was reminded of an old saying... Read More »

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Missing the Target

by Dan Ward Philadelphia PR pro Ken Kilpatrick grabbed my attention with his Bizjournals headline, “How Target screwed up on social media.”  B... Read More »

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Creativity is Scarce

by Kim Taylor Americans woke up today to the horror that there’s an imminent shortage of Velveeta—just in time for the Super Bowl.  The news i... Read More »

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A Guaranteed, 100 Percent Error-Free Website Launch

by Dan Ward The Curley & Pynn elves are normally a social bunch, but we’ve kept to ourselves this holiday season, working on a top-secret proje... Read More »

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