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Using Humor to Not Only Communicate a Message, but to Inspire Action

by Kerry Martin I love humor.  My favorite ads from this weekend’s Super Bowl were the ones that got the loud guffaws as opposed to the ones tha... Read More »

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Don’t Make Me Look

by Roger Pynn Sitting Friday morning in a client meeting and seeing an email pop up on my phone with the subject line “Are you picking me up at t... Read More »

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Taking Credit for Handwritten Cards (Printed by a Robot)

by Kerry Martin There is just something special about personal touches like handwritten letters.  I’m a big believer that showing appreciation f... Read More »

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If It Ain’t Broke

by Dan Ward Thank you to the Boston Globe for reminding us that two rules for life and business are as true today as ever. The paper’s editor ... Read More »

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Please, Just Don’t Do This with Your Email Marketing Campaigns

by Kerry Martin I don’t know about you, but I received quite a lot of marketing emails this year for Cyber Monday.  With my stuffed inbox, it re... Read More »

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