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by Kim Taylor When you’re going about your daily routine solving problems for customers or clients, taking on tasks given to you by your superior... Read More »

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Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

by Dan Ward What were you doing at 5:22 a.m., Wednesday, June 10?  If you answered “sleeping,” then you sadly missed a monumental, noteworthy,... Read More »

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by Roger Pynn “Over The Hill” parties have become cliché as a means of poking fun at folks as they get older … designed I guess to let the hono... Read More »

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Orlando Tweetup II

by Kim Taylor Do you tweet & live or work in Central Florida?  If you answered yes, this is your lucky week.  The second Orlando Tweetup will... Read More »

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Don’t Lie to Me

by Roger Pynn Update:  We're well into Week 3 of the Verizon Free Phone Day that won't die, and I'm beginning to feel like Bill Murray in "Groundh... Read More »

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