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Interns Are People, Too

by Kim Taylor The value of interns cannot be overstated.  We’ve had an active internship program at Curley & Pynn since, well, nearly the be... Read More »

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South Florida Schools Gets “Scoholed”

by Heather Keroes Our proofreader is going to love reading this blog post.  News stations in South Florida are reporting that a Lauderhill element... Read More »

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How Would You Bring Them Back?

by Kim Taylor In any economy it takes teams of people and creative ideas aplenty to urge travelers to spend their precious dollars visiting your de... Read More »

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A Casey Sunday

by Roger Pynn As if it weren’t enough to have been bombarded with Casey Anthony’s release, having chosen to work in the office Sunday afternoon... Read More »

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What’s Your Excuse?

by Roger Pynn Nike built its brand with the admonition to us to “just do it!” back in the 80s. They were great moments in advertising and a simpl... Read More »

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