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Tapping into Local Talent

by Ashley Pinder When one of the world’s leading video game developers operates in your own backyard you have to tap into it as a resource.  That... Read More »

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Four Simple Words

by Kim Taylor Have you ever received a piece of advice that was so sage, yet so simple, you knew you should’ve been following it all along? I ... Read More »

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Competitive Pay is Still OK, Right?

by Dan Ward First of all, let me say that I agree completely with the Orlando Sentinel’s Scott Maxwell and others who believe it is unfair that s... Read More »

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What’s in It for Me?

by Dean Hybl Remember the “.com” boom?  For nearly two years, if your company was a “.com” some venture capitalist would throw money at yo... Read More »

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What’s Your Philosophy?

by Kim Taylor Five years ago, we learned about and adopted into our corporate culture, the FISH! Philosophy.  If you’re not familiar with the Ph... Read More »

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