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The Danger of “Contributing Writers”

by Kerry Martin  Everyone has an opinion.  And since the advent of social media, those opinions have been easier and easier to broadcast througho... Read More »

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Escape App, Please.

by Roger Pynn Location-based technology is following me.  I can’t get away from it.  Now, even the news is following me. Is it just me, or d... Read More »

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Central Florida Needs PR

by Vianka McConville The last few weeks have been interesting for Central Florida, to say the least.  Reporters at the Orlando Sentinel have not b... Read More »

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Two Sides to the “Today” Show Goof

by Dan Ward NBC Hits the Trifecta The New York Times on Sunday published a great story by David Carr regarding how NBC refuses to broadcast a co... Read More »

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Insert Name of Defendant HERE

by Dan Ward Roger Pynn wrote recently that he wonders if Central Florida will ever get over the image we get from high-profile trials. Judging f... Read More »

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