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Online Headline Hell

by Roger Pynn When I saw the headline “Star Wars Celebration flees Orlando for California” at OrlandoSentineI.com, I thought “what could we p... Read More »

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Breaking News: Man Mentions Casey Anthony in Blog

by Dan Ward Way back in July 2011, I wrote in “Dream Verdict” that Casey Anthony’s every move following her acquittal would be cause for “B... Read More »

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Tear Down This Paywall!

by Kerry Martin With so many people turning to the internet for their news, it’s understandable that publishers have to change the way they provi... Read More »

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Reflecting on Our Freedoms

by Kerry Martin On July 4, it's important to reflect on the freedoms that our country affords us, not the least of which is the freedom of speech a... Read More »

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Is This the End of TV News Sensationalism?

by Julie Primrose It seems you can’t turn your TV to a local news station without being bombarded by splashy graphics and screaming announcements... Read More »

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