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Troubling Social Media Trend

by Roger Pynn As one who counts a number of journalists among his friends, I’m troubled by how many of my journalist Facebook “friends” or th... Read More »

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One Space or Two, What Say You?

by Kim Taylor When I saw this post on Ragan.com by Eileen Burmeister, I had to take a deep breath before I considered sharing what it said.  Maybe... Read More »

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Hate to Pester? Try Humorous Reminders

by Kerry Martin We all have to do it.  Send a “gentle” reminder e-mail to request something, follow-up with a phone call on that favor you ask... Read More »

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The Aging of Aquarius

by Roger Pynn My age caught up with me today. First a friend reminded me on Facebook that it was 40 years ago today that Woodstock ended.  I wa... Read More »

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Was Obama Knocking the iPad?

by Roger Pynn If I had been asked to be a commencement speaker this year, I don’t think I’d have taken a shot at technology, but it appears Pre... Read More »

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