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The Sherman Effect

by Roger Pynn I worked as a volunteer alongside a college athletic director who used to say “athletics is different.”  Steve Sloan, then AD a... Read More »

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The Curse of Being An Early Adopter

by Roger Pynn When one of my colleagues announced at a staff meeting that Facebook is “so yesterday,” I was reminded of those lyrics from a Nei... Read More »

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What’s Ahead for 2014

by Roger Pynn Before long we'll find our newspapers, magazines, blogs and other favorite forms of media overflowing with predictions of what to exp... Read More »

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In Defense of Proper Grammar

by Dan Ward In an age in which “srsly” is considered an actual word by the Oxford Online Dictionary, it’s refreshing to see this defense of p... Read More »

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Is This the End of TV News Sensationalism?

by Julie Primrose It seems you can’t turn your TV to a local news station without being bombarded by splashy graphics and screaming announcements... Read More »

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