Case Studies

  • EA SPORTS Innovation Lab

    Video game leader EA SPORTS is committed to the development of a digital media cluster in Central Florida.  The brand’s Orlando studio, Electronic Arts-Tiburon, has formed a strong alliance with the University of Central Florida (UCF) and helped launch the college’s Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy (FIEA), in the heart of the future Creative Village in Downtown Orlando.  FIEA has trained hundreds of game creators through its graduate-level program … and many of them now work at EA-Tiburon.  EA SPORTS decided to take the program a step further and entered into another agreement with UCF whereby EA SPORTS would fully support the cost, construction and staffing of a lab facility at FIEA, where select students would have an invaluable opportunity to work as paid interns side-by-side with EA SPORTS professionals.

    Curley & Pynn was tasked with developing public awareness to unveil and celebrate the creation of the EA SPORTS Innovation Lab and to thank the leaders who had continued to champion EA SPORTS’ goal of growing the digital media cluster.

  • Visit South Walton "What's New" eNewsletter

    The South Walton Tourist Development Council, or Visit South Walton, is tasked with promoting tourism to South Walton, an upscale destination of 16 beach neighborhoods along Northwest Florida’s Coast.  Curley & Pynn worked with Visit South Walton to communicate the destination’s unique events, amenities and experiences via traditional and online media to encourage travel to the area.
    Although several traditional news releases are planned throughout the year to promote seasonal events and other niche topics, there was not a formal tool in place by which to communicate with media on a more frequent basis.  Regular communication with bed-tax collectors and other tourism partners showed that there was a wealth of information that could serve as story ideas, but which were not strong enough on their own to serve as the subject of individual news releases.  Discussions with leading travel reporters also showed that many were interested in regular “story idea” updates.

  • Developing a Re-designed Website for Lake Mechanical Contractors

    Many things have changed since Lake Mechanical Contractors Inc. was founded in 1945.  It has grown over the years from a plumbing and appliance shop to a complete mechanical contractor with HVAC and process piping services.  The family-owned business passed hands from father to son and the company continues to evolve from its humble beginnings, continuing to keep pace with changing technologies, and offering innovative services for some of the largest owners and general contractors in the country.

    Curley & Pynn was challenged with updating Lake Mechanical’s brand, including all of its marketing materials, to keep up with the times while reflecting its traditional company values.  The final step in the process was to create a new website.  As more and more of Lake Mechanical’s potential clients and business partners were seeking out its website before conducting business, the website was in need of a significant overhaul. 

  • Research to Rebrand Brevard Community College

    Brevard Community College (BCC) is a two-year, publicly supported post-secondary institution located in the heart of Florida’s Space Coast.  An accredited institution, BCC is recognized as one of America’s leading community colleges for quality in instruction, organization and innovative, cutting-edge programs.  It was one of the first community colleges in the country to offer an AA degree online.  Throughout its more than 50-year history, the College has taken a careful, reasoned approach to determine its direction and educational offerings, evolving to meet the needs of its community.

    Responding to data that showed heavy demand for management education, the College decided to begin offering Bachelor degrees, starting with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Organizational Management.  This change in BCC’s status required that the College change its name, as it could no longer be defined as a traditional community college.

    As part of its overall rebranding campaign, BCC selected Curley & Pynn to manage this initiative, starting with a research program to identify brand assets, understand audience perception and uncover both unknown obstacles and potential opportunities … the result of which, would be findings to help determine the College’s new brand (including a name, positioning statement and brand mark).

  • Designing and Publishing FLORIDA.HIGH.TECH 2012

    The Florida High Tech Corridor Council (FHTCC) is a regional economic development initiative of the University of Central Florida (UCF), the University of South Florida (USF) and the University of Florida (UF) tasked with growing high tech industry in a 23-county service area.  For 10 years, FHTCC partnered with a publisher to produce an annual editorial-style magazine with full-length features on FHTCC’s initiatives in research.

    In 2012, Curley & Pynn took on the role of publisher and, based on partner requests, set out to provide a digital version of the magazine allowing partners to easily share with different audiences.  The re-launch of the magazine with this digital component would serve to increase awareness of the region’s growing high tech industry.  

  • Redesigning the Expanded Florida Virtual Entrepreneur Center Website

    Funded by the Florida High Tech Corridor Council, the Florida Virtual Entrepreneur Center website ( is a free service for entrepreneurs that lists business resources cataloged by county. Since its inception in 2007, the website grew to cover the 23 counties of the Florida High Tech Corridor, and in late 2010, partners of the Florida Virtual Entrepreneur Center (FLVEC) expressed interest in expanding the website to service all of Florida’s 67 counties.  Curley & Pynn was charged with developing the concept for expansion, including redesigning and optimizing the site to provide an enhanced user experience. 

  • EA SPORTS Virtual Playbook at Otronicon – YouTuber Outreach

    Otronicon is an annual event managed by the Orlando Science Center (OSC) that explores how gaming and interactive technology affect the way we work, live and play.  The event has grown over the years to become a four-day event.  For the first time in the event’s history, game studio EA - Tiburon was participating in the event as a sponsor and an exhibitor through the EA SPORTS brand label.  The highlight of its exhibit – EA SPORTS Virtual Playbook – is an innovative technology that, previous to Otronicon, had only been used in-studio and seen on ESPN.  Virtual Playbook is an amplified version of television reality, through which users can interact with virtual athletes.  In addition to Virtual Playbook, EA SPORTS was featuring a number of their fans’ favorite sports titles in an area set up for game-play.  Just three weeks prior to the event, C&P was challenged by EA SPORTS to not only promote their involvement, but also help drive awareness of the overall event in a way that complemented OSC’s existing outreach. 

  • South Walton: Driving Tourism Recovery from the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

    Influenced heavily by media coverage of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, summer 2010 visitation dropped by 13 percent and bed-tax collections dropped 20 to 30 percent over the previous year in South Walton, an upscale destination of 15 beach neighborhoods along Northwest Florida’s Gulf Coast.  Visit South Walton (the South Walton Tourist Development Council or TDC) secured a grant from BP to market the destination post-oil spill and speed recovery in 2011.  Curley & Pynn was charged with developing and implementing a campaign that would provide “lapsed” visitors—those who had visited during summer 2009, but did not return in 2010—and new visitors alike with an incentive to visit South Walton during the fall 2011 and subsequent seasons.

  • South Walton Crisis Communications: Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

    On April 20, 2010, the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico, threatening destinations such as South Walton, a strand of 15 beach neighborhoods along Northwest Florida’s Gulf Coast for which tourism is the number one economic driver.  The South Walton Tourist Development Council (TDC) and its agency, Curley & Pynn, recognized the potentially severe implications for the area’s beaches, which welcomed 2.2 million visitors in 2009.

    In early May, Majority Opinion Research conducted a telephone survey with overnight visitors from summer 2009, and showed that just under half (46 percent) were waiting to make their reservations.  More than 50 percent of those with planned or reserved bookings said they would travel elsewhere if oil were to impact South Walton.  Anecdotal evidence showed immediate cancellations, a significant drop in bookings and hundreds of calls from anxious travelers.

  • Branding and Positioning the Florida High Tech Corridor Council

    Creating national recognition for Florida’s most technology-rich region through a coalition of otherwise natural competitors – three of America’s largest research universities, the University of Central Florida (UCF), the University of South Florida (USF) and the University of Florida (UF) – and branding their economic development initiative to attract, retain and grow high tech industry and the workforce to support it throughout the 23 counties they serve.  Curley & Pynn was charged not only with creating the brand identity and positioning it through broad public relations strategies, but also managing a process to bring together an alliance of competing local economic development partners, community colleges and workforce boards.