Is the Press Still Free?

by Dan Ward I hope the IRS will forgive me for piling on, but the First Amendment (at least for now) affords me the right to publicly voice my conc... Read More »

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Build a Bridge or Burn One … Which Should You Choose?

by Dan Ward “Dan, I did not take precious time out of my day to send you a personalized email only for you to never even read it.  It’s unprof... Read More »

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Headline Crap

by Roger Pynn Headlines aren’t anymore just what you see in print or on a web page.  A tweet can be a headline, too … and the one below from The... Read More »

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Another Government Scandal

by Dan Ward The Mainstream Media is ignoring a scandalous story of government overreach, a tyrannical example of bureaucracy run amok, not to menti... Read More »

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Twitter’s Not for Every Business

by Kim Taylor Over the years, we’ve given clients advice about social media and whether it was right for their particular business.  In some ind... Read More »

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