Why Aren’t They Calling It Public Relations Redefined?

Pynn Rogerby Roger Pynn

I guess you know you’ve been around too long when for the second time in your career you see people organizing to try to define what you do.  The Public Relations Society of America and ten other professional societies around the world have joined what is called the “Public Relations Defined” initiative.  I’m not sure why they put it in quotes, but I am sure of one thing:   if they ever agree, it will be around some definition sure to make me yawn.

I wonder if the professional organizations that support hardware stores have gotten a grip on what they do.  Most of us, I think, would say “they sell hardware and hopefully tell people how to use what they sell.”

For Pete’s sake, we help people communicate and build relationships and in the process we take advantage of a constantly changing set of tools.  Best wishes to the initiative.

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