What’s Your Press Release Worth?

Keroes Heatherby Heather Keroes

Recently I read an article in Forbes that calls press releases, in most cases, “a worthless bother.”  And I didn’t entirely disagree either.  Shocking!  No, I don’t believe press releases are worthless, although I’d venture to say that there are a large number of releases out there that probably never warranted creation in the first place.  These are (as I like to call them), the “our hotel just ordered new bedding” releases … the releases that no one really cares about and are done just for the sake of being done.  This is why the Bad Pitch Blog exists, people!

Anyhow, the writer of the Forbes article goes on to say that a two-sentence pitch to a few important news outlets secured amazing coverage for his client.  I’m a big proponent of doing more pitches than press releases.  However, I think some press releases still serve important informative purposes, when written as concise as possible and well.

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