What’s Ahead for 2014

Pynn Rogerby Roger Pynn

Before long we’ll find our newspapers, magazines, blogs and other favorite forms of media overflowing with predictions of what to expect in the year ahead.  It is as predictable as the ball drop in Times Square.

So it is probably time to look into my crystal ball and ask “what’s ahead in our world of targeted communication?”

1. Mobile messaging … One statistic touted by advertising media is that 96 percent of us use a smartphone while shopping for a product or service.  Actually, only 56 percent of us have smartphones, but the point is that we carry our media everywhere we go and that increasingly makes the mobile device essential to successful communication.  Hence, the message must first be devised for mobile consumption — no more two-page epics to announce your news.  Keep it short and simple and link, link, link.

2. Social significance People are convening more than ever, but often through networks of people they don’t know.  Rather they “congregate” intellectually to share information, positions and enthusiasm for issues, causes or brands they have in common.  Being part of their networks is tricky.  Earning trust comes slowly despite the speed of the conversation.  The price of admission often comes at the expense of what traditionalists might see as counter to their interests.  The key is to identify shared objectives.

3. Clutter consciousness … Given points 1 and 2 it may seem contradictory and certainly the urge to “be there” 24/7 may hard to resist, but meaningful will surely trump abundant when trying to make an impact.  In the Twitterized world, having something important to say is far more likely to earn you a following than being like the annoying person who dominates every conversation, interrupts others and simply has to inject a “me, too” comment whether relevant or not.  That will require far more planned communication, but often less of it.

So, there you have it … my crystal ball short list.  Hope that in 2014 you hit your target.

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