What Justin Timberlake Can Teach You About Service

by Kim Taylor

Typically headlines like that are written just for the click, but stick with me, this one’s for real.

There’s a song on Justin Timberlake’s latest album that has the perfect amount of beats per minute for a run.  I listen to it nearly every time I go out because I loathe running more than root canals and I find myself almost forgetting about how painful it is when this track comes on.

The chorus gets me every time, though, and instead of thinking about music or running, I end up thinking about what constitutes good client/customer service.  The line, which repeats itself five times per chorus (and is also the title of the song), is simple:  Gimme what I don’t know I want.

Simple, yet so poignant.  Think about every situation where you’ve been wowed … every time you’ve been compelled to write a positive review, or send a tweet of praise, or brag to your friends about the fantastic service you received.

Want to boost your client relationships?  Impress your boss?  Next time, think about giving them something they didn’t even know they wanted.

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