Four Quick Tips for Creating Online Videos

by Julie Primrose
Dionne Aiken’s recent blog post comparing YouTube and Vimeo led me to start thinking about the many components involved with creating and posting videos online.  With all the different factors, it can be hard to tell what sets a good video apart from a sea of not-so-great ones.  We create videos for several of our clients and although I’m not an expert, I have compiled a few tips on how you can compose interesting and engaging videos for sharing online:
KISS – Keep it Short and Simple
It can be easy to get caught up in editing and produce a long video full of great content.  But the longer your video is, the less likely viewers are to watch it in its entirety.  Great content is wasted if no one is going to stick around long enough to see it.  The video experts at Pixability suggest that the best online videos are two minutes or less.
Ask yourself:  What does my audience want out of this video?
You’ll often end up with much more footage than you need for a two-minute video.  Take time to think about your goals for the video, as well as what your audience wants to gain from watching.  If your goal is to increase sales leads, include information on your company’s products or services, and any other information your customers will want to know in order to make a purchase.
Don’t just tell…show
Many times the subject of your video will mention something that can be represented visually.  If the video is a product demonstration, show the product in use.  Incorporating different images or videos prevents the subject of your video from becoming just a talking head.  It makes the video more interesting and encourages viewers to keep watching.
Include an engaging headline
Just like a news release, article or blog post, the title of your video is what draws your audience in and entices them to want to see more.  Take time to think of an interesting “headline” before posting your video online.  It can have a huge impact on how many views your video receives.
Whether you choose Vimeo, YouTube or another video sharing service, I encourage you to incorporate video into your communications toolbox.  There are plenty of inexpensive video production tools that you can utilize and with some thoughtful composition, video can be a very powerful communication medium.  For those of you who already create videos, I’d love to hear any additional tips you have.

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