Using Humor to Not Only Communicate a Message, but to Inspire Action

by Kerry Martin

I love humor.  My favorite ads from this weekend’s Super Bowl were the ones that got the loud guffaws as opposed to the ones that made me want to squeeze my puppies a little tighter.

I’m sure I’ve said it on this blog numerous times before, but in my view, sometimes there is no better way to communicate with your audiences than with something that inspires a little laughter.  It’s always a more memorable way to share important information, let someone know they’re valued, or even apologize for an inconvenience.

So here’s to our friends at the GrayRobinson law firm who demonstrate that using humor can go beyond effective message delivery and also inspire action.

The government relations team last year launched a video series hosted by two of the firm’s legislative professionals that covers Florida politics and government.  While they do have great guests every week discussing important issues and topics, what’s refreshing is that they don’t take themselves too seriously, using self-deprecating jokes and even putting together a blooper reel.

What I appreciated the most was their effective use of humor this week in an attempt to ask their audience to do something which is so often requested but rarely fulfilled:  take a feedback survey.  How could you not want to help them out with an evaluation when they preface it with:

“Feel free to be honest. We can take it. Just don’t be too honest. Chris already knows he is shorter than Robert and we have adjusted his seat as high as it will go.”

They made me laugh … and complete the survey.

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