Unleash a Legacy

by Sydney Cameron

All professions should adopt the medical industry’s three steps of learning, “See one, do one, teach one.” Once you can understand the art of your profession, you can teach others what you have learned and pass on your knowledge.

Mentorship is the perfect way to give back to your community or company and gain perspective on your career path.  Building relationships, learning by teaching and appreciating the professional success you have had are not the only benefits of mentoring.  When you invest time in a young professional at your company, they use the knowledge they learned to strengthen the legacy and brand of your establishment. You will truly appreciate your success once this experience encourages you to reflect on your career.  Mentoring can give you the opportunity to share your mistakes with the next generation so they learn from the past and prepare for a brighter future.  Mentees can also support mentors’ professional development with resources and connections to new contacts.

Mentorship is not only valuable in business, but also in the community, schools, faith-based communities and online.  Prepare to be a committed mentor and help enhance a young professional’s life and maximize their potential.  Here are a few organizations that help connect mentors to students and professionals who are ready to learn:

UCF Alumni Mentoring

Mentoring USA

Million Women Mentors

I appreciate everything that my mentors have done for me and the high standards that they have set for themselves as role models.  I have enjoyed watching my mentees mature into driven professionals and passing on the knowledge I have taught them.  Both of these experiences were rewarding and helped me mature as a leader, and learn more about myself.

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