Time Travel

Dan Wardby Dan Ward

I know technology is advancing at the speed of light, but this takes things to an all-new level.

About 10 days ago, I ordered a remote control from AT&T UVerse (to replace one that was not working), and was told it would arrive by early last week.  I had heard nothing since and was about to call for an update when I received this shipping notice from UVerse:

Item Shipped: CYB S10-S1
Shipping Method: UPS
Shipped On: 01/23/2012
Expected Arrival Date: 01/18/2012
Tracking Number: XXXXXXXXXXX







Now that’s customer service.  AT&T UVerse sensed my displeasure in having to wait an extra week to replace my remote, and will now deliver the replacement five days before it was shipped.

I can’t wait to begin using it last week.

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