The End of the Internet

bPynn Rogery Roger Pynn

It was only a matter of time.  The Wall Street Journal reported today that the internet is about to run out of new addresses … those numerical labels you and I probably only see when someone from the IT team is trying to solve a problem with our computers … or perhaps when setting up a new email account.

Remember that wonderful television commercial for Direct-TV where a late-night web surfer came face-to-face with this message?

Alert:  You have reached the end of the Internet.

You have seen everything there is to see.

Please go back.  Now.

In fact, there are even a number of one-page websites where you can send your friends for a laugh.

For those of us who dream up new uses for Internet sites and work to drive traffic, this has meaning.  WSJ explains there’s a solution … but, perhaps, before rolling out a whole new IP address system we could talk all those squatters into give up some of the addresses they are sitting on.

Here’s one I’ll bet you won’t get someone to give up anytime soon:

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