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Keroes Heatherby Heather Keroes

Since it was announced several months ago, my fiancé and a small group of our friends have been lamenting over the retirement of our favorite local weatherman – Danny Treanor.

We’ve seen meteorologists and reporters come and go in Orlando, but none quite like Danny.  He’s had his ups and downs, and certainly a few controversial moments, but when he reports the weather, it’s as if he is an old friend.  Smartly so, Central Florida News 13 has made his retirement into a celebration of his 35 years of tracking the weather in our neck of the woods.

Danny even has his own section on the News 13 website and earlier this week, the station posted an interview with the man himself, reflecting on some of the most memorable “Danny-isms.”  As it says in the transcript, Danny didn’t just say that it was going to rain. He’d say, “it’s a wet dishrag out there” or a “trash-mover.”  You never knew which Danny-ism he would use or create next.  And gosh darn it, he always seemed to have a handkerchief matching his tie.  Maybe I’m simply a fan of cheesy wit and interesting, yet well-coordinated ensembles, but you couldn’t help but like the guy.

News 13 is focusing on one of its own this week.


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