Social Media

by Vianka McConville

I came across a list of five ways small businesses get social media wrong.  I come across similar lists frequently.  Social media is a great marketing and public relations tool that does not have a hard cost, but as the article mentions, time is valuable.  It is also a medium built for two-way communication (meaning it won’t be all positive, all the time) often times leading to a cry for help.  It is incredibly easy for anyone to get social media “wrong,” especially since there really are no rules and social media faux pas are created by enough followers that agree.

The article stresses creating good content that builds a community, quality over quantity.  Agreed.  Every social media platform has its nuances, such as Twitter with the best times to tweet and what to write for retweets.  It is good to have direction, however, I don’t always agree with advice from social media “gurus” or experts.

To me, social media is organic.  People try very hard to put social media into a box that it just will not fit into.  While tips are appreciated to navigate this ever-changing network, a discriminating eye is key.

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