Social Jumps the Shark

by Kim Taylor

Over the past several years, social media has inched its way into our everyday lives.  What at first seemed intrusive … status updates, tweets and Instagramming your every meal, now seem like second-nature.  Words like “second screen” are part of our vernacular.

So, perhaps it’s not much of a departure from the norm that brides and grooms-to-be can now hire a social media wedding concierge to live tweet their nuptials.  For a mere $3,000, W Hotels in New York will provide a concierge to do everything from shooting Instagram photos and Vine videos to creating (and enforcing) a “unique wedding hashtag.”

To culminate the festivities, the happy couple will also receive a Shutterfly book of social media highlights from the happy day (what else would you read on the plane to Barbados??).

Forget jumping the broom—I think social media has really jumped the shark on this one.

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