Shazam: Not Just for Music Anymore

by Kim Taylor

A few days ago I spotted a familiar logo on the TV screen during a Home Depot commercial.  No, not the Home Depot logo—the Shazam logo.  You’ve heard of Shazam, right?  Let’s say you hear a song while you’re in the aisle at Publix, but can’t remember who sings it or what the name is.  Launch the Shazam app on your phone and seconds later you have the info … if you ask me, that alone is pretty nifty technology.

Why stop at music, though? Shazam is now pairing up with brands to make TV more interactive, too. Enter Home Depot. When consumers see that little blue logo on the screen, they can “Shazam it” which takes them directly to Home Depot’s YouTube Channel complete with DIY videos and home improvement tips and tricks.

Who’s the smarty here:  Shazam for creating this brilliant technology or brands like Home Depot that are savvy enough to integrate it into their marketing?  I declare a tie, but would argue that the consumer wins, too.

Apparently it works on your favorite TV shows, too.  Will you give it a try?

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