School’s Out for Summer

by Kim Stangle

After considering it for a few years, I finally decided to enroll in the Mini-MBA program offered at Rollins College.  I’ve always thought an MBA would be the next logical step for me, but found most programs to be cost-prohibitive.  Enter the Mini-MBA—a highly condensed format that provides an overview of a full MBA in a short 18 weeks.

With classes on everything from Change Management to Economics and International Business, the program’s curriculum is carefully considered and the professors are some of the best in their fields of study.  Learning from professors whose professional careers extend beyond the classroom was invaluable, and most weeks it felt as though we barely scratched the surface on the topic covered.

My classmates were as diverse as the topics, including an environmental biologist, an emergency room physician and everything in between.  But, as different as we were, we learned on night one that we all shared a common goal:  to expand our minds and continue learning.

Rollins’ staff is pretty open about the fact that the program is designed to subtly seduce you into enrolling in one of their full MBA programs, but I can say my personal takeaway is that the Mini is great for someone with a technical degree or any degree outside of the business realm, but it actually dissuaded me from pursuing the full MBA.  That shouldn’t be interpreted as a negative, however.  In fact, it was the very first class that left me wanting to learn more about other areas of study:  organizational behavior and business psychology.

So, with the Mini-MBA behind me, school is officially out for summer.

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