Roller Derby Messaging

Pynn Rogerby Roger Pynn

Seth Duncan’s interesting commentary at Context Analytics on the relevance of Mainstream vs. Social Media raises the interesting question of where conversations really begin.

He posits that most of the highly influential conversations going on via social networks actually get their start in the traditional world of news releases and … OMG, yes:  newspapers.  Face it.  People still read them.  They are still the leading influencer for much of the rest of the coverage.  After all, other than stories they grab from their police scanners, how much hard, in-depth news originates at local television stations?

They are followers, not leaders.

Duncan’s description of the “long tail” of the conversation is intriguing.  In some ways, we’re throwing a pebble in a virtual pond and seeing the ripples continue to infinity because the lake has no shoreline.  Open your mouth and the echo could be endless.

And if you’re adept at working social networks, you could keep your message going around and around like a game of roller derby … whipping it past roadblocks and through static, picking up momentum on the straight-away and passing your competition in curves.

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