Seth Godin Equestrian?

by Roger Pynn
OK:  cheap headline.  But, I know you’ll read if I talk about Seth Godin because he’s perceived to be brilliant.  No question … his insight is making people think differently about a lot in our world of communications.  In this post he goes back to some advice as old as time.
His “four horsemen of media” is a great reminder that the more you embrace what he calls “tiny media” (that stuff we are all doing online to create buzz), the more you have to focus on substance in the first place.
Everyone it seems is engaged in searching for the best way to become talked about.  The social conversation is as much a part of the marketing mix today as any formal medium … but like successfully jumping into a game of Double Dutch, it takes planning.
If you want people to talk about you, your product or your service … make sure you’re worth talking about.

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