Positive Pictures

by Roger Pynn

I was brought up in a household full of positive thinkers.  Seeing things positively was infused in us almost as if we had an IV attached to our soul.  And although I’m in a business that demands we anticipate what can go wrong, this post from Seth Godin is a great reminder that public relations people need to spend at least as much time seeing what can go right as what can go wrong.

We’re often judged for our ability to manage communication in a crisis … and that’s important, for sure.

But Godin reminds us that visualizing all that can go right is likely to result in award-winning results.

One of our firm’s 5 Steps to Professional Success reminds our team to “Analyze the big picture, not just the snapshot.”  And while one might see an ominous cloud in the step that says to “Focus on what keeps the client awake at night,” a positive thinker would assume that clients probably fret about too much focus on the negative.

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