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Back to Basics

by Roger Pynn After 30 years, I think I’ve seen just about everything in our business change. But as I’ve written here before, the more thin... Read More »

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Brian Williams: #Trending or #Toast?

by Roger Pynn Brian Williams is damaged goods and as much as I am a believer in forgiveness and second chances, as a business person I can’t imag... Read More »

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Conflate, Confuse or Abuse?

by Roger Pynn Confession:  I’ve been a big Brian Williams fan.  Notice:  no longer. I’m big on forgiveness, and didn’t understand other... Read More »

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Don’t Make Me Look

by Roger Pynn Sitting Friday morning in a client meeting and seeing an email pop up on my phone with the subject line “Are you picking me up at t... Read More »

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After All

by Roger Pynn Anyone who has visited the Magic Kingdom and ridden one of its most timeless rides remembers the lyrics that ring in your ear for hou... Read More »

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