It’s Official!

by Roger Pynn

If it weren’t for LinkedIn’s handy little endorsement tool, I have to wonder how I was able to compete for nearly 30 years in this business prior to such social media tools.  Nearly 90 people – many of them good friends, former clients and colleagues (even my wonderful wife) – have endorsed me for everything from public relations, public affairs and marketing communications to things as far reaching as email marketing to international relations.

I appreciate the confidence and the gesture, especially from those who really know me.  But frankly each time my inbox has told me I’ve been endorsed by someone who has surprisingly little knowledge of what I do, my curiosity has grown.  I mean, after all, one person who I’ve never even met has endorsed me for 20 different skills.

Is this a demonstration of the bandwagon effect … or am I really just that good?  Please, don’t answer that.

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