Is Something Fishy?

by Roger Pynn

I haven’t watched the documentary “Blackfish” about killer whales (Orcas) kept in captivity in marine parks like SeaWorld.  I’m not sure how it would affect me because although I love the SeaWorld parks, I’ve never been a big fan of zoos where animals are held in captivity and I’m beginning to see pools more like cages the more I think about it.

Regardless the film’s message or where you stand on the ethical treatment of animals, you might want to ask yourself whether there’s something fishy about it becoming a CNN Film … given all the reporting and commentary on the “news” network.

CNN announced the creation of CNN Films a year ago, saying it would acquire and commission feature-length documentaries.  By their nature, documentaries draw – or lead to – conclusions … much like an editorial page.  But often they are produced with such dramatic flair as to border on docutainment.

What do you think?  Does CNN belong in this space?  Since this film had already become a huge story, was it right for CNN to acquire and begin rebroadcasting it … positioning it as a “premiere”?

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