Easy Does It

by Roger Pynn
Yet another cautionary tale for social media users came in the form of the Hewlett-Packard exec so excited to update his LinkedIn profile that he gave away critical competitive intelligence.
This certainly isn’t “breaking news,” but Bloomberg Businessweek editors found it important enough to develop this article with some tremendous insight on what your competitors might be doing to gain insight into your proprietary information.
Taking Aim is all about targeted communication.  Not all communication is targeted … but you can become a target very quickly if you’re someone like HP VP Scott McClellan … the company’s chief technologist.  In Douglass MacMillan’s Bloomberg article there’s a chilling warning:

“Competitors obviously watch each other in social media just as they have historically monitored each other in the media and in public presentations,” said Shel Israel, an author and consultant on online networks.  “Social media is a new data-abundant source that is here to stay.”

If you’re somebody to watch … someone who the competition knows is “in the know” … pushing the share, post or update button can very easily target the wrong person.

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