Cast in Digital Stone

by Roger Pynn

Good advice to clients has always been “never say anything publicly you don’t want to read in tomorrow’s paper.”

Author Mark Stevens, CEO of marketing, sales training and management for consulting firm MSCO, reminds readers in a blog post at PRNews Online that this Internet age greatly expands the impact of following or ignoring that advice.

But his post titled “The Internet Is A Creature Of The Past” also points out that the Internet has become the link between past and present, history and news. He’s right.

What you say today, how you formulate and deliver key messages, how and where you choose to make a statement – no matter how important or insigificant – will be available for the ages and may well frame how you are remembered, for they will exist online in some Google-able database forever.

More important for the moment is to remember that while the concept of mass media had also become a thing of the past in the minds of many theorists as print and broadcast outlets became more and more specialized over the past quarter century, the Internet is mass media.

So take careful aim at your target audience, but remember everyone is listening.

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