After All

by Roger Pynn

Anyone who has visited the Magic Kingdom and ridden one of its most timeless rides remembers the lyrics that ring in your ear for hours:  “it’s a small world; after all … it’s a small, small world.”

The Social Media Era has certainly proven that, but today anyone I’m connected to on LinkedIn must have done a double-take when they saw that Roger Pynn had become connected to Roger Pynn.  Mine is, after all, not a common name … nor is Roger Pynn, the globally recognized physicist, exactly a household moniker.

I’ve known of Roger for years, but when a friend searching for me on LinkedIn came across my “cousin” it was time for a more formal relationship.  He’s had a storied career at the Los Alamos National Laboratory and Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and for the past decade on the faculty of Indiana University as professor of physics.

As I told him, an obviously naïve job applicant once expressed amazement that I was both a PR guy and a physicist.  She clearly wanted to impress me and unfortunately relied on a Google search where he comes up much higher on the totem pole than I do.

The closest I come to his world is that I serve as chair of the Dean’s Advisory Council of the College of Sciences at the University of Central Florida (but only because communication sciences are part of that college).

We’ve decided it is high-time we got to know each other.

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