Reward the Unrewarded

by Kim Taylor

Despite its longstanding reputation as being the card for the jet-set elite, American Express has expanded to a new-to-them market: moms.

Moms are a powerful segment of society and it’s been known for years that they are considered the decision-maker of the family for everything from travel purchases to health care.  The “mommy blogger” boom has been in full-swing for several years now.  In 2012, there were nearly 4 million bloggers identified as such.

Amex EveryDay rewards users based on frequency of use, rather than focusing on how much is spent on each purchase—a decision that was clearly driven by research.  And, with a double-points reward for grocery store purchases, there’s little doubt who they’re targeting.

Our work for clients is always research-driven; following a seemingly simple four question approach to audience identification and desired action.  So, thumbs-up to Amex execs who, armed with “mounds of research,” aim to reward the unrewarded.

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