Public Relations: So Easy a Robot Can Do It

ktaylorby Kim Taylor

Fire your agency and dump your communications team.   Thanks to ingenuity and technology, for a mere $99/month an algorithm is all you need to secure top media coverage for your shiny, new startup.

No, this is not a story from The Onion, it’s the claim being made by new “virtual agency,” PressFriendly.

See, PressFriendly has done what no agency has ever imagined possible.  They built lists of reporter contacts (gasp!) and wrote some code to match that list with your topic.  They didn’t stop there—they also have editorial calendars so you can find story opportunities.  (Mind. Blown.)  Not sure how to write a complete sentence about your product or service?  Don’t worry, their Story Wizard will do that, too.

Apparently, technology can’t do everything, though.  Because while they’re busy telling you that you no longer need the help of a public relations professional, they’re also offering “expert advice from a PR Rep when you need it.”

First, if you’ve hired an agency for $12,000/month (the norm, according to PressFriendly) and all you’re getting is bad pitching and low-hanging publicity, I agree, fire them.

Companies of all shapes and sizes (including startups) hire agencies for a wide variety of services from plan development and implementation to media relations and crisis communications.  We’re hired to be an asset, not a burden.   Together, we set measurable objectives and work each day to achieve those.

No, we can’t compete with PressFriendly’s prices of $99-$999/month, but we can promise you that a robot didn’t write your latest news release.

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