Public Relations and the Casey Anthony Trial

by Kim Taylor

Very little “warm and fuzzy” news can be associated with the trial against Casey Anthony. Most coverage of the trial consists of what goes on inside the courtroom, and sometimes worse, what goes on outside the Orange County Courthouse … neither of which shows Orlando in the most positive light.  But, a few local businesses seem to be benefiting from the massive TV exposure provided by the trial.

First, after a week-long plea from the sequestered Pinellas-based jury, their wish was granted to watch the NHL Eastern Conference finals … made possible by Orlando-based Bright House Networks which swooped in on a proverbial white horse and provided the game on big-screen TVs.

Then, Friday afternoon, Judge Perry reminded viewers why he seems to be one of the most likable judges in town by slyly asking the jurors:  “Was there a package in the jury room?  From the Dessert Lady??”  If you’ve been to the Dessert Lady in Downtown Orlando, you know what a treat that “package” was.

Regardless of whether these moves were orchestrated behind-the-scenes by smart PR people, or if they just publicly benefited from Judge Perry’s kindness, they’re offering a glimpse of positive publicity for a city at the center of one of the most damning trials in years.

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