PR: “As Seen on TV”?

by Kim Taylor

If you’ve turned on a TV in the past decade, chances are you have a pretty glamorous impression of the public relations industry.

I mean, who can forget Kim Cattrall, a.k.a., Samantha Jones?  Or the infamous Lizzie Grubman’s “PoweR Girls”?  “The City”?  Or, “Kell on Earth”?

These shows and their characters are as close to reality as McDreamy and Seattle Grace.

Then there’s the other side of PR … the side that’s often attached to words like “disaster” and “nightmare.”

So what happens between the glamour and the disaster?  A lot; there’s strategic planning, relationship building, crisis management, event planning, and a million things in between.  The real-world unfolds every night on television and coverage of the gulf oil incident reminds us of the difference we’re making for client, Beaches of South Walton, as they work diligently to share the message that their beaches are clean and open.

Sure, there might be a smidge of ‘glamour’ in day-to-day PR work and hopefully never a disaster on your watch, but rewards come in ways that rarely include one of the Kardashian sisters producing a reality show to expose your prowess to “fix everything.”

So, if you’re looking to hire an agency or start a career in PR, make sure your views are firmly rooted in “reality.”

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