Please, Just Don’t Do This with Your Email Marketing Campaigns

by Kerry Martin

I don’t know about you, but I received quite a lot of marketing emails this year for Cyber Monday.  With my stuffed inbox, it reminded me just how difficult it is sometimes to manage effective email campaigns.

As any good communicator knows, to stand out through all the clutter you have to speak directly to your specific audience.  That means targeting emails to audiences like previous customers, prospects, internal audiences and many more market segments.

There are a lot of email management systems out there, from Constant Contact to Mail Chimp and others, and they all vary on price and options of how many emails you get per month or how big your entire subscriber list is.  However, I submit that the best way to pick the email service that’s right for you is to determine how these mail services segment your different lists and how they manage subscribers—or more importantly, how they manage subscribers who wish to opt out from receiving your message.

Say, for example, that you have subscribers who are part of multiple segments, like “insiders,” “current customers” and “birthday list.”  If your Cyber Monday emails annoy them to the point that they want to stop receiving emails about product deals, you better make sure that the unsubscribe button doesn’t stop them from receiving all of your emails.  It’s always best to have some kind of option that allows them to only unsubscribe from specific lists.

That’s why I recommend finding an email service that lets you customize what your subscriber sees when they click the unsubscribe button.  It should take them to a page where they have options like “Unsubscribe from promotional and discount emails” or “Stop receiving ALL emails from company.”

Whatever you do, make sure that the email system allows you to tailor this opt-out language.  Otherwise, you could be sending your loyal customer, potential prospect or valued insider to a page that would only make sense to the person who is managing the email campaigns.

Case in point … this landing page that I came to when trying to unsubscribe from getting too many email blasts from Medieval Times.  Seriously.

email preferences

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