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Inspired by a quote from the most celebrated bow and arrow hunter of all time about detailed planning and careful execution, our blog, “Taking Aim,” offers a look inside the minds of Curley & Pynn’s strategic thinkers.

Did Amazon Learn from Our Five Steps?

by Kim Taylor Curley & Pynn has long been known for its Five Steps to Professional Success.  They define how we approach client service and ar... Read More »

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The “Buzzfeed-ification” of Media

by Julie Hall “Content is king” is the phrase of the day, and more and more of that content is migrating to short-form pieces that brands can e... Read More »

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Are You Part of the 83 Percent?

by Julie Hall I came across this Fast Company article, “5 Reasons to Never Eat Lunch at Your Desk Again,” coincidentally, while I was eating lu... Read More »

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The Curse of Being An Early Adopter

by Roger Pynn When one of my colleagues announced at a staff meeting that Facebook is “so yesterday,” I was reminded of those lyrics from a Nei... Read More »

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Wake Up from Your Holiday Hibernation with Strategic Planning

by Kerry Martin For many, last month’s Christmas and New Years’ mid-week arrivals helped put a two-week hold on any kind of year-end productivi... Read More »

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